Readable and Understandable, important thing is to tell the people.

We believe that our mission is to tell the clients message to target audience. Our communication oriented design philosophy and experience designer help to maximise your message to spread to the world.

Hearing and Research

To tell the people our very first mission is hearing from client. We organise and extract the essential of the strong message. To deliver the message effectively, we will research and never giving up to know about the target audience behavior.

User Interface Design

For the success of your service, the user interface design is more important than you expect. Our experienced UI/UX designer will provide user friendly and interactive UI/UX design to your service.

Communication Design

We believe that our mission is to deliver a message of client to target audience. Our communication oriented design philosophy will maximise your message and spread to the world by proper method among existing variety of communication method.

Multi Language Support

To help our globalised clients, we provide English, Japanese, and both Simplified and traditional Chinese translation and support.


E-Commerce site, WEB App, Server Build, All you need is us.

We provide all back end system that you need to run online business, such as E-Commerce system, custom made of system or tool for your service, and even building a server and environment. Our profesional IT engineer will support and develop your online service.

E-Commerce Site

We provide all essentials in online shopping site.

WEB Application

Never depends on OS or platform, WEB application made out of html5 will solve the problem of native application.

Server Management

You don't have to worry about server anymore, we will support you.


We prepare flexible plan, such as monthly plan to yearly plan for you to consider most suitable your needs.

Environment Build

we will handle all the boring process that you have to take care when you start running the service, including getting domain and server build.


We provide payment gateway, the key of your online business.

To run an E-Commerce site or other online business, you need to prepare caregit card payment and other variety of payment method for your customer. To install the payment method you have go through the bunch of process such as inspection, registration, and integration. The integration of payment method was very time taking process, however that is already an old trend. Our proudly innovated multi-payment gateway will ease your process and able to perform a best user experience for your customers.

Quick Installment

It is possible to install part of credit card payment, bank transfer payment electric money payment in minimum of 3days. Our proudly multi-settlement system is all built by own and fully supported, hence it is very easy to install.

Secured System

Our service is based on the "PCI-DSS" security standard that following 5 credit card company VISA、Master、JCB、AmericanExpress、Diners, have established. We follow the level 1 security which is the highest security level among them. Also our service is based on the international security standard called "ISMS" stands for the information security management system and got privacy mark.

Fully Support System

We provide fully support services, such as customer support when your customer has enquiry about transaction, client support when client has problem about settlement.

Global Settlement System

Today, online business platform become global, to meet demands of our clients, we provide world wide settlement service.

Fine Dashboard

Our well designed dashboard UI will helps a lot for you to check not only sales data but all the settlement information and able to sort out by time, date, month, year and so on.

Reasonable Pricing

Our customer oriented service philosophy let you enjoy our service easy and reasonable pricing by custom made package price for your demands.